Look into the heart and soul of man's best friend and discover what lessons God would have you learn from them. This author's observations of her dogs have taught her and reminded her of how God would have her live. "The Dog's of My Life, and What They Teach Me About the Kingdom of God," is a heartwarming, and sometimes heartbreaking collection of stories, with the author's dogs as the role models and teachers. You will be amazed by what we can learn from our canine friends.It is an inspirational book revealing how God can and does communicate to us through our special pets. It is also a devotional book with deeply spiritual analogies to apply to our lives. Dogs do teach us if we observe how they interact with people and other dogs. The inspirational lessons are Biblically sound, easy to read, and a book you can pick up and enjoy over and over again. Christian dog lovers must have this book in their library.