"The Dogs of My Life and what they teach me about the Kingdom of God." is a look into the heart and soul of man's best friend. It is a collection of stories about this author's dogs and what she believes God is trying to teach her through her observations of them. Dogs are great teachers and role models. It is this author's hope that Christians and dogs lovers will be able to view their devoted pets and the world around them with a fresh perspective on God's love, power, and grace. It is spiritually insightful. Biblically sound, and yet practical in it's applications to our lives.
Read stories describing unconditional love, loyal companionship, obedience, devotion, and loss. See why Americans have such a love affair with their pets.
It is a great inspirational and devotional book and the perfect gift for dog lovers and Christians.
Find more of this author's writing on her daily devotional blog at karencobbs.com.
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Christian dog lovers and pet lovers inspirational book THE DOGS OF MY LIFE, AND WHAT THEY TEACH ME ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD

A heartwarming look into the heart and soul of man's best friend. Through these observations, this author writes of the Spiritual lessons she believes God would have her learn from her dogs. This book is a must for Christian dog lovers.

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